Kunst als overlevingsmiddel

Shamsia Hassani uit Kabul gebruikt graffiti om zich te kunnen uiten. Niet evident voor een vrouw in Afghanistan.

“When I paint, I often paint fish covered with bubbles over their bodies. It’s a conceptual idea I have created about not being free to express your self.

I mean, if a fish opens its mouth, bubbles come out, right? And if its mouth is closed, there are no bubbles. So the bubbles I paint are the bubbles of things it wants to say but can’t. All the bubbles get stuck in its body like artistic ideas with no avenue for expression.

I haven’t been to many places to graffiti. One was the workshop and the other was at the Goethe Institute which is a secure and means I don’t get hassle on the streets, which as a girl, happens almost daily. Sadly It means I don’t get to practice that much so people are like, ‘How can you call yourself a graffiti artist if you can’t graffiti on buildings?’ But it’s just too dangerous to walk around on the streets. Once I went to the Russian Cultural Centre to graffiti and was so scared. It was dark and damp and I was afraid of stepping on a landmine or something.”

Bron: graffiti-artist-pages


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